Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Online and In-Person

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Are you wondering if Pelvic Floor Therapy might be right for you?


"I was newly married and struggling with painful intercourse. The moment I met BethAnne she made me feel comfortable and confident that we could fix the issue. She worked so hard to help me overcome the struggles I was having and I am forever grateful for that. She is not only an incredible provider but also an encourager! She will do all that she can to help you meet your goals. BethAnne has treated me for the past 5 years for various reasons, which included my postpartum period. She provided a plan for me to get my pelvic floor healthy again after delivery as well as exercises to fix the diastasis recti I got during pregnancy. She is an all-around incredible therapist and I recommended her to all women!



BethAnne came into my life about 7 years into my marriage. Those seven years had been awesome in so many ways but, honestly, our sex life wasn’t one of those ways. That part of our life was plagued with “unexplained” pain with intercourse. Intense, terrible physical pain that led to a lot of hurt in our marriage. When I say unexplained I mean unexplained by multiple doctors and more than one pelvic floor therapist. We were tired, defeated and very skeptical that she could help fact, I hadn’t even sought her out. But, as a final effort, when we were connected by a mutual friend I agreed to give her one month. If she could make any progress in one month we would continue treatment. If not, I was out of there - I wasn’t about to waste any more time, energy, money or emotional capacity on another dead end road. If you are walking this story in your own life, I don’t have to tell you what I felt the first day she did a full exam and when I asked if she could see ANY reason I was still experiencing pain she said “I can see at least five”. So many emotions - I wasn’t crazy or overreacting. The other doctors and pelvic floor therapists were simply wrong. She could see it and she could fix it. That was the turning point on our road to what is now a fun and fulfilling sex life in a marriage God has healed beautifully. It wasn’t a quick fix and it wasn’t easy but BethAnne is a pro at making patients feel heard, valued and capable. Her approach is holistic and a huge blessing. Saying she changed my life and my marriage is in no way an overstatement. It is simply the truth.


I began seeing Bethany for PFT because of a buildup of scar tissue, causing painful sex and menstruation. She was patient and addressed my needs as she came up with a plan for me, and she had so much knowledge that she was always willing to share. By the end of each treatment session, I left feeling not just relaxed, but truly empowered and proud of my body! I am so thankful for the treatment I received from Bethany and wish I would have started seeing her much sooner!"




With both of my pregnancies, I had pubis symphysis dysfunction, which basically felt like someone had punched me in the top of my vagina and walking became almost impossible. Physical Therapy was recommended, and Bethany Blake was the PT who treated me during my first pregnancy. She was very pleasant, professional, and relatable, but most importantly, she was able to teach me exercises to keep my pelvis in place, strengthen my muscles, and keep the pain at bay. After my first child, I needed pelvic floor therapy to deal with scar tissue left behind from the aftermath of a vaginal birth and stitches. Beth Anne Travis was my therapist. I was incredibly uncomfortable going into treatment, but she made something that I thought was going to be very awkward, not that big of a deal. She loves her job and her patients, and that came through. I firmly believe that the birth of my second child went so smoothly because I had therapy after my first child. I highly recommend both of these ladies and all the services they can provide.


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